Our Services

In space acquisition or disposition scenarios, 'RES Management; performs a comprehensive evaluation of all market options through dedicated teams, and develops strategies to create leverage enabling negotiations for optimal deal terms. This approach ensures consistent quality, improves communication and facilitates decision-making for our clients.

Commercial Service

In this fast evolving era doing business is a demanding task, and for a good business you require not good but a strategic location suiting your business.

Residential Service

We offer all services related to residential properties in apartments, tenements, bungalows and plots.

Land Service

We have emerged as the well-known providers of Agricultural land Services. For providing the service optimally, we buy, sell, lease,Aquisition all types of agricultural lands.

Industrial Service

We guide our clients in selling, buying and renting industrial properties. Our expertise makes our client lead rather than follow.

Company Lease Service

Business location plays significant role in its success. We help retailers to fetch a prime location in the market to grow.

Project Promotion

We allow users and vendors to post the properties and real estates projects to the portal so that they get the good business from our platform and generate the business leads and enquiries from all over the Ahmedabad.

Other Services

Rental (Tenant)

To identify a suitable property to match client’s requirement. Participate in the finalization of the leave terms. To arrange inspection and meeting of both tenant and the owner. Our service charge will be one months rent exclusive of tax.

Buy Property

Identify suitable property according to the specifications of the buyer. Arranging the inspection of the property. Participate in the negotiation and finalizing of term. Service charge @ 2% of the purchase value exclusive of tax. Security of title, document and other encumbrance will be done at reasonable extra cost

Sell property

Identify suitable buyer by print and digital media. All advertisement cost will be ours. Arranging the inspection of the property for our client. The property owner should enter into an exclusive marketing arrangement for mutually agreed period of time until which the property will be exclusive marketed by us. Our Service Charge will be @ 2% of the sale value.

Project marketing for Builders and Developers

The service charge for marketing the builders and developers projects will depend on the location, size and value of the project. We will give the best offer, once we have all the details from you.

Legal Services

We also provide legal advice for the property you wish to buy/sell. We have the best panel of advocates in the industry, all this done at very reasonable fee depending on the type of property.

Rent out a property (Property Owner)

To find suitable tenant matching the property owners requirement. To facilitate and arrange for inspection. Identify suitable buyer by print, internet and digital media. All advertisement cost will be ours. Participate in the finalization of the leave terms.Our service charge is one month rental exclusive of tax. The property owner should sign a mutual understanding letter where in the marketing of the property will be handled by us.

Joint Venture (Builder and Land Owner)

1% of the agreement value (market value of the lands area at the time of signing the agreement) between Developer / Builder and the Land owner. The service charge should be paid at the time of signing the joint development agreement by both the developer and the property owner. (1% from Developer / Builder and 1% from land owner). The above service charges are exclusive of applicable tax.

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